password fatigue
Yahoo has admitted a data breach at its Yahoo Voices service. While the whys and wherefores of the breach remain to be detailed, one thing is certain: people still haven't learned to use effective passwords. Apparently, a hacking collective known as D33Ds Company penetrated the Yahoo subdomain using what is known as a union-based... > Read More
customer identity management
In the modern digitized world of internet, customers are enough capable of accessing their information anytime from anywhere, which requires businesses to have strong platform to manage all their interaction with their web properties. Since a strong user base is the root of the success of any online business. Today it has become mandatory for... > Read More
The 12 Step Guide To Become Facebook Ninja Marketer
The importance of social media for businesses is known to all. When we talk about social media for businesses, top three networks that strike in most of the minds include Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This article is specifically focused for Facebook. You might have read several articles on how you can make your Facebook marketing better. Hubspot designed the... > Read More
Customer profiles are basically customer types which are created for defining sets of customers based on different points of a service or product and are used to help the project team to make decisions based on different profiles. Customer profiles or personas are created from understanding of  customers touch points on a website. Touch points can be defined as user’s... > Read More
Social Login
Registration process holds great importance for businesses as it provides them important demographic data about their users. With the increasing importance of data, businesses are trying their best to get this data in order to understand their audience and customize the customer experience accordingly.
But in the past few years, registration process has become... > Read More