As users have thousands of login credentials for their personal or business accounts, Password management has become increasingly hot and confusing topic. However there are a variety of options for managing passwords but with this wide availability of options it becomes more confusing for users to find a one single solution that best fits their... > Read More
SAML- Security Assertion Markup Language is an XML-based framework which is used to authorize, authenticate and interact with the attributes and privileges of a user. With its wide acceptability, SAML provides numerous benefits to enterprises, organizations and governments of all kind. It allows independent development and evolution of various security systems and application softwares. Well, it is... > Read More
The need of single sign-on solution is at its highest peak. Today, almost every website requires an authentication process to access its content and resources. Each day thousands of websites are added and a need of centralized web login has become a necessity. Single sign-on or SSO is completely related to the web authentication part. SSO... > Read More
social media marketing
Social media is one of the most powerful platforms to share things. Therefore marketers are more focusing Social Media Marketing strategies to spread awareness about their products. Here is an interesting infographic that explains some online marketing strategies using social media.   > Read More