Quick tips to persuade your eCommerce visitors to complete their purchase!

They came, they browsed, they added items in their cart and what, they left!! If this sounds similar to you then you’re not alone my dear. E-commerce websites today are facing this issue very much, average rate of cart abandonments that is 69.23% says it.


Well, there are several reasons why visitors do not complete their purchase every time they visit your ecommerce store. Your visitor’s readiness to buy is one of the factors that increases this rate which is obviously out of your control. And there are some shopping cart abandonment reasons that you can control like poor checkout usability and user experience. So here are some things that you can do to persuade your visitors to complete their purchase every time they add something to their carts. Let’s check them out:


Save your visitor’s shopping cart!

It must have happened with you as well that you get distracted and left the website for a few minutes only to find your cart empty. And this generally happens when you haven’t registered or logged into that site. Now you have to add those items back again to your cart which is actually a very irritating thing to do. Many of the visitors consider this as a very poor user experience and they remember it and never come back to your site in future also. Hence it is always better to save your visitor’s cart even if they are not registered to .


Don’t force Registration!

Do you know compulsory registrations are the biggest barriers to successful checkout? Placing the option for login right after a visitor’s checkout click is completely unnecessary. Instead of this, they can provide an option to checkout as a guest. Or they can simply ask for their shipping address with an option to login at the top so that they can do both the things right away.


Be upfront with all your additional fee policies!

For online shoppers, shipping costs, additional taxes and other handling fees are major deal breakers. Unexpected charges from the e commerce sites tend to jack up the possibility of whole purchase. Although Taxes can’t be overlooked as they are subjected to state or country regulations so if you can afford it don’t include shipping and handling charges. Else don’t wait for your visitors to enter into your checkout process, give them an estimated cost of their desired product beforehand. You can also add a shipping calculator for ease of your customers and to reduce your cart abandonment rates.


Hence these are the major reasons of high cart abandonment and some wise solutions to minimize it. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.


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