How to get traffic on your website made in drupal


Drupal is an awesome CMS which is highly secure and stable. Due to its tight security it is generally preferred for making rock strong websites.

Alike every website, getting traffic on a drupal built website is very easy as it follows almost same steps but procedure may vary.

Below we will discuss some of the tips to implement on your drupal website to encourage traffic.


Sitemap: Sitemap on a site is very important. It helps crawlers to crawl your website and determining its structure and hierarchy in order to serve well them research results. Search engines being the top source of traffic, make sure to follow practices related to search engines so that they don’t penalise your site or fail to show some pages in search results.

For creating a sitemap you can use site map generator for drupal, to generate sitemaps automatically in drupal cms or use saas based tools to create sitemaps and then upload them.

Sharing buttons: Sharing buttons are very beneficial if your drupal website also has a blog. With the help of share buttons, readers can effortlessly share your content on their social media profiles. Sharing on social media platforms increase visibility of a content which upon further shares and interaction increases traffic on website.

Along with that, it also increase social signals, which help your website or post rank better in search results

Drupal share buttons are available independently to install and configure on your drupal site.


Relevant content: This will always be a universal factor for getting traffic. No matter how good your reputation is or how authoritative your website has become, without relevant content on site, visitors will drop off. This will cause increase in bounce rates of a website and downfall in rankings and traffic.


These are some tips for getting traffic on your drupal website.

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