Google Spreadsheet Or MS Excel: Which one is for you?

When it comes to spreadsheet apps, undoubtedly Excel’s desktop version is the king but Google is giving a tough challenge as it has included a spreadsheet tool in Google Apps. So is it considered to be a viable claim to the throne? Or is it a void imitation of Excel?


Well, both are good at their places and have their own advantages. When it comes to highly specialized and offline-data driven, MS Excel is a fair choice. On the other hand Google sheets are useful for online work and for not too much specialized work. There are more such differences between these two that makes it really hard to select one over the other. Here is a quick highlight of both of them.


Why do you want to use Google Spreadsheets?


Entire Google Drive holds a fantastic ability to collaborate with others. While MS Excel allows you to track your change features, Google sheets allows you to simultaneous edit the document. In spreadsheets you can leave comments and communicate with others which is not at all possible in MS Excel.


Cloud Storage + Portability!

Although Excel can be saved in SkyDrive and DropBox, it can not beat online sheets for cloud storage.  Google Spreadsheets are auto saved to the cloud and attached to your gmail account hence you can access them from anywhere and from any device and browser.


Google and web integration!

Google spreadsheets makes it really easy to leverage the power of Google and other web services. Let’s say you want to import an entire RSS Feed to your spreadsheet, you can do this with a simple formula in spreadsheets. You can also import an image directly from its url in your spreadsheet. But all these things are not possible in Excel.


Why do you want to use MS Excel?


Data Processing!

It has been seen that Google spreadsheets are not meant for processing huge data volumes, it tends to start getting slow. Excel, on the other hand is capable of managing hundreds or thousands of rows without any collapse.

You can do numberless amazing things and analysis with Excel Formulas. From your day to day accounting to some major scientific calculations, Excel has solution for all. Though sheets are catching up but still it has no match with Excel when it comes to data calculation.


Bars and Charts!

While sheets are rapidly adopting this feature but Excel is the hands-down champion here. At MS Excel you will get a bunch of options for charts, bunch of options to format these charts, options to display errors and an option to quickly change the layout and style of those charts. With all these possibilities, it is hard to beat the excel in the race.


So decide on yourself and choose the best for you. Both applications have their advantages and it is up to you which one is best suitable for your requirements.


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