Free alternative for paid stuff for WordPress


WordPress has huge repository for themes and plugins. One can make use of free stuff by visiting to and searching in the directory. Plugins and themes, everything in wordpress directory is free.

There are certain things in wordpress which require a premium version to purchase. Due to the need of additional functionality, we need to buy the premium version of the theme or plugin.

Below we will discuss some of the free alternatives in wordpress which can be used as an alternative to paid stuff.

First is the hosting: Hosting a website costs around 12$/ year. This is the minimum pricing for hosting a single website. Not every web developer has the funds to invest in web hosting for their website. The domain itself costs around 12$ (.com, .net, .org), which leaves no choice for a developer to search for a free alternative.

Hostinger is a free alternative to expensive web hosting. It offers free web hosting for as single site along with some limited web hosting features like ftp, mail etc.

There is cms auto installer in the cpanel which makes WordPress installation automatic and easy.

Second is a SSL certificate: SSl certificate is mandatory for every website now. Even though you are not using wordpress website, you need to have a https along with your website URL.

A free ssl certificate on wordpress sites is the need for an average website owner who cannot afford heavily priced ssl certificates or has no use beyond SEO benefits..
SSL certificates range from 50$ to 399$ per year and according to usability the price varies.


Stock Images: Stock images are high quality images which are meant for using on websites and other platforms. It is a good habit of using images which do not have copyright or have cc0 tag with them.


Often web owners get sued for using copyrighted content on their website and also leads to a big hole in the pocket.

There are many websites on internet which provides cc0 images for websites. Websites like Pixabay, Pexels, etc provides cc0 images for using it on wordpress blogs and wordpress made websites.


These are the free alternative for paid stuff for WordPress.

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